Now Available! ExactRail's All New GSI 53'-6" Bulkhead Flat Car

October 26, 2018

Building off the success of our popular GSC 53'-6" Flat Cars, ExactRail is proud to introduce you to the newest member of the family, the GSI 53'-6" Bulkhead Flat Car.

You might be wondering, why were the original run of flat cars called GSC and this run of bulkhead flats called GSI? GSC, or General Steel Castings was what the company was founded as in 1928. In 1961, GSC had grown to a more diverse company. Castings was now just a part of the company's portfolio, the name was changed to General Steel Industries (GSI) reflect this. Many of the flat cars we offered were as-delivered prior to this change, and some were delivered after.

To keep things simple, the decision was made to just call all as GSC built. The GSI 53'-6" Bulkhead Flats that ExactRail now offers, were originally delivered after the 1961 change and are named to reflect the builder at that time.

The car body of GSC & GSI flat is cast, which means the entire car body is a single piece of solid steel. Many are in active MoW service today—over 60 years later!

Looks can be deceiving, on the outside this car looks similar to the run of flat cars we produced in the past, however as far as the bodies go, about the only thing reused is the center sill. New tooling for the sides, ends and decks were made to accommodate the bulkhead ends and to match the prototype. The 8'-6" bulkheads, like on the prototype, drop down into the body of the car to create a strong union.

The cars come with either 42' or 43'-3" truck centers, high or low brake wheels as well as different grab iron configurations as per the prototype. We have accurately captured the unique curves and casting marks of the cast design, which makes these cars so elegant.

Included with each car is a correct, scale depth, laser cut deck and bulkhead ends. Like with our past bulkhead flats & flat car offerings, and by overwhelming request, these are left separate to be applied by the user which allows those that would like to freedom to weather the decks separately. See our video for directions and tips for applying the deck.

All Models Feature:

  • Precision micro-tooled
  • Extraordinarily accurate artwork
  • Razor sharp printing
  • ExactRail's exclusive 70-ton ASF Ride Control trucks
  • Kadee #158 couplers
  • CNC-machined 33" metal wheel sets
  • Laser cut decks & bulkhead ends (user Installed) 

Available in 4 Paint Schemes!

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy '1967 As-Delivered'

The CB&Q took delivery of 50 bulkhead flat cars from GSI in 1967, numbered 95200-95249. This initial delivery included a return stencil to a U.S. Gypsum facility in Sperry, IA.

These cars had a 42' truck center arrangement with a low mounted brake wheel on 8'-6" high bulkheads.

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Burlington Northern '1975 Repaint'

The Burlington Northern amassed a large collection of GSI built bulkhead flat cars from many of their predecessor roads. While many of these cars lasted until their death in the as-delivered paint many were repainted by the BN.

These cars had a 42' truck center arrangement with a low mounted brake wheel on 8'-6" high bulkheads.

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Rock Island '1966 As-Delivered'

Initially the Rock Island built their own bulkhead flat cars, but during the mid 1960s GSI began to fulfill this need. We have recreated an example of a 50 car delivery from 1966 (91825-91874). While they have been fmodified, some of these cars can be seen in MoW servive on the Iowa Interstate today!

These cars had a 42' truck center arrangement with a high mounted brake wheel on 8'-6" high bulkheads.


Chicago Great Western '1974 Repaint'

A small group of only 10 cars (3011-3020) were painted in this attractive CNW style paint scheme. While this car looks similar to the other cars in this release with the 8'-6" bulkheads, it has a completely different body that has 43'-3" truck centers. At least one of these survives in MoW service on the Union Pacific today!


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