Now Available - The All New N Scale Autoflood II Coal Hopper!

February 13, 2019

Now Available for the first time in N scale, the All New Johnstown America AutoFlood II Hopper!

As 100-ton hoppers approached retirement in the 1970 and 1980's, railroads begged car builders to lighten cars to improve tare weight and fuel economy. Johnstown America answered this call by producing the aluminum AutoFlood II coal hopper. Johnstown America provided an aerodynamic design with a lower center of gravity and the all-new MegoFlo™ automatic discharge system. The result is a sleek, smooth-sided hopper with extreme, contemporary presence.

Included with each AutoFlood model is an accurate coal load.  Great care was taken to design the load shape to sit offset within the body of the hopper.  Like the prototype, many coal flood loads start with a more gentle slope and end with an steeper, abrupt angle.  

The N Scale Johnstown America AutoFlood II Hopper will be a classy addition to your late 1990s to modern day layout.

  • Precision micro-tooled!
  • Extraordinarily accurate artwork!
  • Razor sharp printing!
  • ExactRail's 100-ton ASF Ride Control trucks
  • Micro-Trains 1015 couplers
  • Flood-style load
  • Narrow-style body mounted draft box
  • CNC-machined 36" metal wheel sets
  • MSRP: $35.99 • ExactRail Price: $29.99

    Buy in Bulk & Save: 6+ $28.99 • 12+ $26.99 • 24+ $24.99


    Now Available in 8 Paint Schemes!

    BNSF Brown - 1997 ‘As-Delivered’:  Delivered in the early days of BNSF, the railroad went with a Santa Fe styled, brown scheme and lettering style on the reporting marks.  The brown scheme hoppers are commonly seen mixed with the green versions on coal or in manifest trains today.

    BNSF Green - 1997 ‘As-Delivered’:  BNSF acquired two deliveries of the AutoFlood II hoppers within the first year of operations after the merger.  In this delivery, the BNSF went with a Burlington Northern inspired green design. The green scheme hoppers look fantastic mixed with the brown hoppers on coal or in manifest trains.

    CSXT - 1999 ’As-Delivered’:  A handsome design in our opinion.  The CSX painted AutoFlood II Hoppers bring a little class to any train they are found in.  

    KGLX - 1999 ‘As-Delivered’:  The Commonwealth Edison Company of Illinois (ComEd) is the largest electric utility in the state.  ComEd acquired a large fleet of 600 AutoFlood II hoppers in this bold red KGLX scheme. These can often be seen on unit trains running from the coal mines in the Powder River Basin to the power plants in Illinois.

    NRLX - 1999 ‘As-Delivered’:  Owned by the CIT Group / Capital Finance, Inc.  The unique NRLX blue & yellow scheme were a common sight on Powder River Basin coal trains or mixed with many other hoppers on coal trains around the country.  

    UCEX - 1999 ‘As-Delivered’:  The Union Electric Company, now owned by the Ameren Corporation, rostered 16 of the AutoFlood II Hoppers.  These will look great running coal with UCEX commemorative cars #2015 & #2015.

    UCEX - 2014 'On Track for the Cure':  This hopper was developed in partnership with the Ameren Corporation.  The artwork files for our model used many of the actual lettering files and color swatches for the Ameren prototype.

    UCEX - 2015 'Military Veteran':  This hopper was developed in partnership with the Ameren Corporation. We estimate that this model features the most complex artwork ever applied to an HO Scale model. The artwork files for our model are the actual lettering files and color swatches for Ameren prototype. But more than being a highly accurate replica, this model honors America’s veterans.

    Check them out!

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