When Skydiving is Railfanning

Model Railroading is a diverse hobby: enthusiasts enjoy history—when it’s railroad history, photography when it’s railroad photography, road trips—when it’s chasing trains, and many other things all on account of the hobby. Now, it can be said that some enthusiasts enjoy skydiving—when skydiving is an opportunity to railfan Union Pacific’s Riverdale Yard near Ogden, UT.

My brother and I began skydiving together. In the last two years, I haven’t had the disposable time that I once had. Yet, my brother is persistent, and he always finds creative ways to persuade me to get out of the plane at thirteen thousand feet. Knowing my real passion, this is his most compelling argument to date.

For anyone who needs to study a track plan or a new view on scenery, may I make a suggestion?

Happy Railroading!

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