EN-50608-3 - PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper : MILW : 98271
EN-50608-2 - PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper : MILW : 98267
EN-50608-1 - PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper : MILW : 98253
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As the first-ever to tool an N-scale PS-2CD 4000, ExactRail continues its trend of innovation with this exciting new release.

Built between 1962 and 1964, the PS-2CD 4000 covered hopper is one of the earliest contemporary-type covered hoppers. Graced in the classic billboard-style decoration schemes of the time and designed with circular hatches, this car stands out from all other exterior post hoppers.

As the only N-scale PS-2CD 4000 machined and tooled in the United States, ExactRail is pleased to release this car with an all new list of innovative features, including: CNC-machined 36" N-scale wheels, etched metal roof walks, McHenry sprung knuckle couplers, fine-scale wire grabs and brass brake details, and the finest precision detail available.

N Scale: PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper - MILW

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