N Scale: Evans 5277 Boxcar

N scale train by ExactRail

A 'Plate C' for your IPD.


Empowered by its acquisition of United States Railway Equipment (USRE,) Evans-USRE built boxcars became the company standard during the IPD boxcar boom of the 1970s. With modern upgrades such as box-corrugated, non-terminating ends, Stanray X-panel overhanging roof, and riveted car sides near the end posts, the Evans 5277 is a classic boxcar from the late IPD era.


ExactRail is the first-ever to tool the Evans-USRE 5277 plate C boxcar! Faithful to the prototype, ExactRail's Evans 5277 is dressed with authentic features and precision details, including: NRUC herald plates on appropriate boxcars, nailable steel floor, fully detailed underframe, and appropriate ASF 'Ride Control' 70-ton trucks.


Recreate the diversity of the prototype with one of the common boxcars of the modern era, innovate your rolling stock with ExactRail's N-scale Evans 5277 box car.


Product Features:

  • Precision micro-tooled!
  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • ExactRail's CNC- machined 33" metal wheel sets
  • Accurate ASF 'Ride Control' 70 tons trucks
  • Replicated as an N-scale model train
  • McHenry N-scale knuckle sprung coupler
  • Razor sharp painting and printing
  • NRUC herald plates on appropriate models

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