TTPX - 2000 'As-Delivered'

The 804400-804699 batch of 300 cars were the first of this design to be built by Greenbrier at their TrentonWorks facility in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2000. TTX had previously recieved 400 cars in 1997 that were built at Greenbrier's Gunderson facility. Future deliveries would all be fabricated at TrentonWorks. TTX would roster a large family of 1700 bulkhead flats of this design with the last production in 2005 arriving in 2005. These workhorses are frequently seen in all corners of the railroad world of Canada, United States & Mexico. Commonly seen hauling loads of sheet steel, pipe, lumber and reels of cable, the TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car belongs on your modern HO scale layout.

  • Precision Micro-tooled!
  • ExactRail's equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined metal wheels sets
  • Kadee® #156 "scale" whisker couplers!
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
  • Numerous hand-applied details, including: separately applied air hoses, brake rods and brake appliances!
  • Photo-etched, stainless steel brake platforms and brass bulkhead caps!
  • Exceptionally accurate printing and true to life colors!
  • Laser cut basswood or laserboard bulkhead ends (user applied)

The Basics:

    • PRODUCT TYPE: Flat Car
    • COUPLER TYPE: Kadee #156
  • 100 to ASF 'Ride Control'
  • WHEELS: 36"
  • ERA: 2000's
  • REGION: North America

HO Scale: TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car - TTPX '2000 - As-Delivered'

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