ExactRail HO Scale: GSI 53'-6" Bulkhead Flat Car - BN

 '1975 Repaint'

The Burlington Northern amassed a large collection of GSI built bulkhead flat cars from many of their predecessor roads. While many of these cars lasted until their death in the as-delivered paint many were repainted by the BN.

These cars had a 42' truck center arrangement with a low mounted brake wheel on 8'-6" high bulkheads.

Model Features:

  • Precision micro-tooled
  • Extraordinarily accurate artwork
  • Razor sharp printing
  • ExactRail's exclusive 70-ton ASF Ride Control trucks
  • Kadee #158 couplers
  • CNC-machined 33" metal wheel sets
  • Laser cut decks & bulkhead ends (user Installed

Era: 1975 to 2000's

Region: West/Midwest

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    HO Scale: GSI 53'-6" Bulkhead Flat Car - Burlington Northern

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    EP-81902-14 629052 In Stock
    EP-81902-15 629065 In Stock
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    EP-81902-17 629083 In Stock
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