The Andersons, Inc (BAEX) ex-SP 1967 patch scheme:

The Andersons, Inc acquired PC&F 6033 boxcars in the second-hand market.  These cars primarily consist of ex-SP 1967 cars with the large yellow door.  The Andersons re-stenciled the reporting marks and patched-out the Southern Pacific name.  ExactRail’s model is complete with double COTS blocks, U-1 wheel inspection stencil and ACI tags—all of which the SP would have applied post delivery.  The result is a car that wears its history on its car sides, and ExactRail’s cars have been accurately faded to represent an in-service car of more than 30 years.

    The PC&F 6033 boxcar features:

    • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
    • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels
    • ExactRail's exclusive Barber 70 ton S-2 trucks
    • Etched-metal crossover walks
    • Free-standing wire details
    • Hand-applied details
    • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
    • Meticulously reproduced underbody detail and steel nail able floor
    • Razor sharp painting and printing

    HO Scale: PC&F 6033 Boxcar - BAEX

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