About the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton 1973 'As Delivered' Paint Scheme:

The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton contributed 36 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool, and this paint scheme is a favorite for Greenville boxcars!

*On occasion when reviewing our products something slips through the cracks.  On the DT&I paint scheme of this release the Pool number was shifted over to the adjacent panel.  

The Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcar features:

  • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
  • Kadee #58 couplers!
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels and metal axles!
  • ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100-ton Ride Control trucks
  • Etched-metal crossover walks
  • Free-standing wire and separately applied details
  • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
  • Razor sharp painting and printing


EP-80304-1 - 25900 EP-80304-6 - 25926
EP-80304-2 - 25915 EP-80304-7 - 25928
EP-80304-3 - 25932 EP-80304-8 - 25931
EP-80304-4 - 25907 EP-80304-9 - 25934
EP-80304-5 - 25913


HO Scale: Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcar - DT&I

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