Model Railroading Supplies

For Beginners & Advanced

Whether you are brand new to the hobby of model railroads or an expert putting together your 10th railroad, you’ll need a few model train supplies to help get you started on your project.

railroad tracks


What Supplies Are Available?

A few of the most common model railroading supplies you’ll find include the following:

  • Building Supplies - plastic, screws, washers, etc.
  • Decals & Graphics - stickers or decoration to glue to your train to make it unique or look like it is from a specific rail line.
  • Electronic Accessories - power packs, electronic controls, connectors, wire, switches, etc.
  • Tools & Adhesives - glues, nails, gripping tools, etc.
  • Train Paint
  • Landscape Pieces & Terrain
  • Train Sets


Beginner Model Train Supplies

For someone who is  brand new to model railroading; the best model railroad supplies are going to be train sets.

A typical kit will come with all the model railroading supplies a beginner needs: a track, an engine, a few cars, electrical supplies, and perhaps some accessories. These kits can help give a new hobbyist the initial feel of how to put together a model railroad.

Once the initial kit has been created, any beginner will be able to add landscapes, terrain, decals, and graphics to the kit to make it more like a specific region, time period, or rail line. Find a few of these train sets here.


Advanced Model Train Supplies

The more advanced model railroading supplies include things like electronic accessories that allow a train to power all through the model landscape. This is a more confusing supply to use when creating model railroads because there must be an understanding of electronics, wiring, and how it all works together.

Other more advanced supplies include train paint and decals, especially if a model train is being made to look like one from a specific railroad and/or time period.

No matter the skill level or understanding of model railroads, there is always something to learn or add to a railroad at ExactRail, visit us today to discover more about model railroading supplies and where you can get yours by visiting ExactRail.

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