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Scale: N Scale
Product Line: N-Scale Series
Product Type: Trinity TRINCool 64' Reefer
RailRoad: UP/ARMN
Coupler Type: MicroTrains #1016
Truck Type: ASF 100 Ton Trucks
Wheels: CNC-Machined 36" wheels

N Scale: Trinity TRINCool 64' Reefer - UP/ARMN

SKU Road Number Qty
EN-50300-1 111007 Sold Out
EN-50300-2 111012 Sold Out
EN-50300-3 111024 Sold Out
EN-50300-4 111035 Sold Out
EN-50300-5 111049 Sold Out
EN-50300-6 111152 Sold Out
EN-50300-7 111163 Sold Out
EN-50300-8 111171 Sold Out
EN-50300-9 111186 Sold Out
EN-50300-10 111198 Sold Out
EN-50300-11 111213 Sold Out
EN-50300-12 111229 Sold Out
EN-50300-13 111256 Sold Out
EN-50300-14 111285 Sold Out
EN-50300-15 111290 Sold Out
EN-50300-16 111321 Sold Out
EN-50300-17 111347 Sold Out
EN-50300-18 111364 Sold Out
EN-50300-19 111383 Sold Out
EN-50300-20 111399 Sold Out
EN-50300-21 111401 Sold Out
EN-50300-22 111414 Sold Out
EN-50300-23 111420 Sold Out
EN-50300-24 111438 Sold Out

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Type: Sold Out

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