EN-50805-3 - Gunderson 5200 Box Car : GM&O : 50124

EN-50805-2 - Gunderson 5200 Box Car : GM&O : 50116

EN-50805-1 - Gunderson 5200 Box Car : GM&O : 50105

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Built in the late sixties and early seventies, the Gunderson 5200 is a classic-looking boxcar with modern appeal. Constructed near the end of the internal post, double sheathed box car era, the straight sill and centered YSD 8ft doors lends itself to clean modern symmetry on a car with vintage aesthetics.

Faithful to the prototype, ExactRail reproduces the Gunderson 5200 with accurate 4/4 corrugated ends, non-overhanging roof, notched sill, and double 8' doors.

Precision and innovation are what ExactRail is passionate about. With our new Express series, ExactRail brings precision and innovation to you for less.

N Scale: Gunderson 5200 Box Car - GM&O

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