EN-51501-6 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337208

EN-51501-5 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337204

EN-51501-4 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337199

EN-51501-3 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337195

EN-51501-2 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337192

EN-51501-1 - CP Rail 65' Gondola : CP : 337186

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Hawker-Siddeley was a group of British engineering and manufacturing firms who had historically been interested in aviation. Their founder, Tommy Sopwith, developed the early Sopwith Camel, and Hawker-Siddeley manufactured the WWII era Hawker Hurricane. After World War II, Hawker-Siddeley diversified into the domain of railroads by way of subsidiaries like Hawker-Siddeley Canada and Westinghouse Brake and Signals. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Hawker-Siddeley Canada produced numerous freight cars, including the Hawker-Siddeley CP Rail 65' gondola. 

CP Rail rostered 115 Hawker-Siddeley built gondolas. In addition to these cars, the CP Rail also had 100 Marine Industry Limited (MIL) built gondolas. These cars are virtually identical to the Hawker-Siddeley built cars.

ExactRail has tooled the first ever Hawker-Siddeley 65' gondola! With the finest micro-tooling in the industry, CNC machined metal wheel sets and McHenry knuckle sprung couplers, ExactRail is pleased to offer this railroad-unique freight car to N-scale enthusiasts everywhere.

N Scale: CP Rail 65' Gondola - CP

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