EN-50204-1 - Trinity 5161 (3-Pack) : DME : 51009, 51018, 51026

EN-50204-2 - Trinity 5161 (3-Pack) : DME : 51034, 51044, 51048

EN-50204-3 - Trinity 5161 (3-Pack) : DME : 51052, 51059, 51063

ExactRail proudly anounces the release of our new N Scale Trinty 5161 covered grain hoppers. The hoppers are avalable in 8 assorted road names available in 3-packs. Most roads have 9 road numbers (3 in each 3-pack). This car is a must-have for the modern modeler who loves unit grain trains and is a great addition for anyone who appreciates a highly detailed model worthy of their layout.

N Scale: Trinity 5161 (3-Pack) - DME

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Type: Covered Hopper

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