EN-50101-3 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube : UP : 517126

EN-50101-2 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube : UP : 517108

EN-50101-1 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube : UP : 517102

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Sleek and classy is the all-new and never before modeled PC&F 6033 cuft Hy-Cube box car. With classic double-sheathed construction wrapped in 3/3/3/1 dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel overhanging roof and single 10’-6” YSD sliding doors, this masterpiece of scale railway engineering is sure to please even the most discerning enthusiast.

Equiped with prototypically correct Barber S-2 or ASF Ride Control trucks per road and finished with complete underbody detailing including full Hydra-Cushioning, these exciting new cars are ready for service in a range of classy paint schemes serving from 1965 to present day.

N Scale: PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car - UP

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