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From the Workbench, Sometimes We Model Too.

September 25, 2015

ExactRail keeps me busy, but occasionally, I have time to model too. Ever since we released the 53'-6 GSC flat cars, I've wanted to have a 6 to 8 car cut of lumber for my 1970s era Union Pacific layout.  This is what has come from the ol' workbench.  The lumber loads consist of dimensionally accurate 2X4 loads in 8’, 10’ 12’ and 16’ lengths. (In the attached photo, I only show 10’ and 16’ lengths.)  I am pretty happy with the results thus far. However, the loads are not perfect.  Prototype lumber loads have banding which tie the wood bunks together (as in the photo.)  They also have banding that ties bunks into groups.  It has been my intention...

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Pool 64, P-S 7315 Waffle Boxcar Service Routes

September 10, 2015

  Questions that we commonly get from our customer’s about the Pullman-Standard (P-S) 7315 Waffle Boxcar has to do with the ‘64’ number on the ATSF, UP ‘As Delivered’ and DTI paint schemes. The P-S 7315 Waffle Boxcars operated in equipment pools, and ‘64’ designates a specific pool—in this case, routes associated with the Ford facility in Melvindale (Detroit), MI. In addition to the paint schemes mentioned above, Norfolk & Western and Milwaukee Road also owned Pullman-Standard 7315 Waffle Boxcars stenciled for the 64 pool. A January 1954 article from Railway Age documents Ford’s Melvindale, MI facility as a “parts consolidation facility” where OEM parts from external suppliers were warehoused. According to Mark Evans, cars assigned to Ford’s parts consolidation...

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