FMC 5327 12’-0 Plug Door Boxcar

April 17, 2015

Available in 5 all-new paint schemes and kit!


FMC 5327 Boxcar

In 1979, FMC Corporation built 10’-6 and 12’-0 plug door versions of its 5327 exterior post boxcar. Of the two versions, the 12’-0 plug door is the most distinctive. The wide plug door on a 50’ exterior post car was very modern for this era, and the distinctive paint schemes of the East Camden & Highland, Minnesota Dakota & Western, and New Orleans Public Belt were equally fresh. In 1979, this car was cool as your gold Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

ExactRail is pleased to announce the all-new FMC 5327 boxcar with 12’-0 plug doors!

You may have heard rumors that ExactRail has an inventory of tooling. From this inventory, we offer the all-new, Evolution Series FMC 5327 Boxcar! Available in 5 paint schemes, including two road number specific paint schemes for the Quebec Central (QC).

East Camden & Highland (EACH) 1979 “As Delivered” paint scheme:

This car is from the #2351-2500 series. The EACH railroad boxcars are among the most distinctive cars from the colorful IPD era. Our replica features exceptionally accurate artwork from the stencil breaks in the capacity data to the meticulously rendered Arkansas logo.

Minnesota, Dakota & Western (MDW) 1979 “As Delivered” paint scheme:

This car is from the #8100-8199 equipment series. To celebrate the lumber industry, MDW’s FMC 5327 boxcars were given an attractive green paint scheme with Dutch Boy paint, a white door and large pine tree logo. These cars feature exceptionally accurate artwork from the paint data stencils to the stencil breaks in the capacity data.

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) 1979 “As Delivered” paint scheme:

These cars are from the #4100-4199 equipment series. The model has the meticulously rendered belt of New Orleans logo. This car also pairs well with our previous NOPB release, the NOPB P-S 5344 boxcar!

Quebec Central (QC) #77203:

This is a road number specific car in faded ex-NOPB orange paint! As a specific replica to car number 77203, our model has accurate patches, service and COTS data. This car is a perfect match for your contemporary layout!

Quebec Central (QC) #77225:

From its fleet of 5327s, QC has completely repainted some cars in mineral brown. Our model is of car #77225. It is a road number specific paint scheme with modern Helvetica-style data fonts and conspicuity stripes.


Precision micro-tooled!

  • Accurate paint schemes!
  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • ExactRail's exclusive 100-ton ASF Ride Control trucks
  • Kadee® #58 couplers
  • Finely crafted steel nailable floor
  • Wire grab irons
  • ExactRail's separately applied door tracks and door bars!
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail
  • CNC-machined 36" metal wheel sets
  • Razor sharp printing!
Paint scheme: Road #'s: SKU:
Undecorated Kit: NA EE-1850
East Camden & Highland (EACH) 1979 “As Delivered”: 6 EE-1851
Minnesota, Dakota & Western (MDW) 1979 “As Delivered”: 6 EE-1852
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) 1979 “As Delivered”: 6 EE-1853
Quebec Central (QC) #77203: 1 EE-1855
Quebec Central (QC) #77225: 1 EE-1856

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