NEW! 5 Paint Schemes of the P-S 7315 “Waffle” Boxcar


We are proud to announce a new release of our popular P-S 7315 “Waffle” Box Car in 3 all new paint schemes and 2 long anticipated and improved re-releases in 6 new road numbers each!

In 1974 and with production lot #9749, Pullman-Standard's Bessemer, Alabama plant began the manufacture the 7315 cubic capacity “waffle” boxcar for the Norfolk and Western Railway. Production continued with additional deliveries to the Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, Union Pacific and Detroit, Toledo and Ironton.   As seen with our August 13th blog post, 'A Rare Prototype,' the P-S Waffle Box Car continues to serve Class I railroads to the present.


Detroit, Toledo and Ironton (DTI) 1974 “As Delivered”

DT&I P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car - HO Scale ExactRailAvailable in beautiful, albeit simple green paint scheme. Accurately developed from high resolution builders images, the DTI paint scheme features refined artwork and nuanced logo-types all-the-way down to the correct data in the consolidated lube stencils for the as-delivered car.

Available in 6 road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-80606

Union Pacific (UP) 1974 “As Delivered”

ExactRail HO Scale P-S 7315 Waffle Side BoxcarFeaturing refined artwork with exceptional attention to accuracy—just look at the paint stencils under the jacking pads, the builder’s logo with accurate lot numbers and the nuanced end-of-car lettering.


Available in 6 road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-80607

Union Pacific (UP) #960874

This road number specific paint scheme and a precise match to the same car as it operated on the Union Pacific in 2012. From the Albina Car Shops sticker to the lube data stencils on the doors, this replica is an example of our ability to produce exceptionally accurate, road-number specific freight cars.


Unique 1 Road Number Paint Scheme! Click HERE to Order: EP-80616

Grand Trunk Western (GTW) Repaint

ExactRail HO Scale P-S 7315 Waffle Side BoxcarThis scheme represents a common version of the GTW car without the GT logo. The GTW car has accurate lettering fonts, data and artwork, and each car number has been matched to those that were actually repainted into this paint scheme.


Available in 6 road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-80617

Santa Fe (ATSF) 1974 “As Delivered”

ExactRail HO Scale P-S 7315 Waffle Side BoxcarAvailable in the company’s striking Indian red paint scheme. The ATSF P-S 7315 “waffle” boxcar features exceptionally accurate artwork from the carefully crafted roman lettering style of the capacity data block to the circle cross logo—printed with amazing clarity over the ribs and waffles of the car side.


Available in 6 road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-80618


For additional information about this prototype and other available paint schemes click below:
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2 Responses

Rich Wilcox
Rich Wilcox

October 23, 2015

Pleased to see you offering 60 ft auto parts boxcar models in HO scale. It would be nice to see more models of the 60 ft auto parts boxcar designs of ACF,Thrall, Despatch Shops(NYC), Sam Rea Shops(PRR), Raceland Shops(C&O – B&O) & Pullman Standard from the 1964 – 1968 time period. Also, HO scale models of Thrall & Greenville 86 ft Hi Cube auto parts boxcars of the 1960’s both 4 and 8 door versions would be well received. Thanks for your time with this comment. RW

john winans
john winans

August 29, 2015

just ordered the UP waffle side prototype single car color and data match, love the single car idea! makes it more unique !!! all about details, but you already know that !!!!! thanks!!!

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