A new AutoFlood Paint Scheme for a Great Cause

October 08, 2015 3 Comments

HO Scale Autoflood II 'On Track for the Cure' Breast Cancer Model Train

Proceeds from the sale of ExactRail’s UCEX 2014 ‘On Track for the Cure’ will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


In 2014, Ameren Missouri repainted a single car from its fleet of 3463 coal hoppers into a unique paint scheme to promote breast cancer awareness. This car features a bright pink ribbon and the slogan ‘On Track for the Cure.’ ExactRail, in cooperation with Ameren, is proud to offer a limited release replica of this important paint scheme! Moreover, we applaud Ameren’s social consciousness for women’s health issues.   

Ameren is a Fortune 500 company that powers the quality of life for 900,000 natural gas customers and 2.4 million electric customers. The name ‘Ameren’ is a combination of the words American and Energy.   Ameren is the largest electric power provider in Missouri, and in terms of total customers, the third largest natural gas distributer in Illinois.















Johnstown America AutoFlood II UCEX ‘On Track for the Cure’ - 2014

UCEX 2014 “On Track for the Cure” was developed in partnership with the Ameren Corporation. The artwork files for our model used many of the actual lettering files and color swatches for Ameren prototype.   But more than being a highly accurate replica, this model benefits a good cause. 





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Matt Hultman
Matt Hultman

November 17, 2015

I bought this car and I just want to say with my mom and my grandmother both being Breast cancer survivors this car means a lot to me. I want to thank you for making this.

derek wimberly
derek wimberly

October 14, 2015

What percentage of the purchase price will be going to the Foundation? Got mine and it is sharply done car.

Ryan Fish
Ryan Fish

October 08, 2015

My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor so this car means a lot to me. There are quite a few railroad related things that are related to breast cancer awareness. This car is very nicely done for this cause. I want one to add to my layout. Thank you making this well done product !

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