ALL NEW From ExactRail! The HO Scale Southern Pacific G-100-22 Gondola

May 25, 2017 2 Comments

ALL NEW From ExactRail! The HO Scale Southern Pacific G-100-22 Gondola


We are pleased to announce the the ALL NEW HO Scale Southern Pacific G-100-22 Gondola is now available!

In 1974, the Southern Pacific received 100-ton, 65' mill gondolas from Thrall Car Manufacturing. The railroad classified these cars as the G-100-22. They were among the first 100-ton, 65' gondolas acquired by the railroad. The G-100-22 is a distinctive car. Like all modern gondolas, the stature of this car gives it presence. Yet, the modern "facade" is betrayed by terminating dreadnaught ends and trucks that are well inset. This car is distinctive--for sure, and that is why we love it. Many of these cars have been pressed into Maintenance of Way service, and they can be found on home rails today.

The Southern Pacific G-100-22 will be offered in the "1974 As Delivered" paint scheme in 9 road numbers. The model is a Platinum Series replica and features:

  • Wire grab irons, brake rods, brake cylinder lever hangers and tie downs
  • Metal top chord tie-downs and etched brake step
  • Kadee #158 Coupler
  • CNC-machined wheels and axles
  • Accurate print and colors
  • Etched brass ACI plate
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2 Responses


June 06, 2017

Please please please make this car in N scale!


May 25, 2017

When is somebody going to come out with 1940-1950 outside braced box cars and wood sheathed box cars that were still used quite often in this time period…..The possibilities of different road names are unlimited….and how about a asphalt tank car that was widely used when they oiled the country and town roads every summer, I remember as a boy putting down newspapers to cross the freshly oiled streets to go to the grocery store, after a while we just went bare footed and it felt good….I remember a very short spur holding one tank car and along side a very small pump house to load the oil trucks so they could go about oiling the roads, of course this took place before the EPA came into power and set about destroying the manufacturing base of this great company…signed a world war two brat aged ten.Yes I remember the first radio announcemets of the bombing of Pearl Harbor that sealed the antichrist Hitler’s impending doom…..Whatever…

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