Now For Some Bad News...

On Friday, July 27th, word reached ExactRail that our primary manufacturing partner closed their doors. Immediately I flipped my desk over, put my fist through a wall, kicked a garbage can filled with ice resulting in a broken toe, then went to the produce section at the local Walmart and wept in front of the apples for a solid 20 minutes. 

Okay... None of that actually happened.

Except I did break my toe in 6th grade by kicking an ice filled garbage can (ask me about it later).

In all seriousness...

Our factory has in fact closed their doors.  There are still many questions left to be answered and steps that need to be taken. We are already in the process of moving forward with a new factory and we are very excited about the future with them.

As for the status of projects that have been announced recently: The N Scale AutoFlood II Hopper is on hold as we move that project to a new factory.  We have been told that the HO Scale GSI Bulkhead Flat car production was actually finished last week but is still sitting at the now closed factory.  We expect these to be on their way to us soon.

Thank you to the many ExactRail customers all across the globe that continue to support us.  Also, thanks to those that work in this hobby that have offered support and guidance while we work our way up the Cliffs of Insanity.  While you may be our 'competitors', we are all part of the same amazing model railroading family and it is an honor to share the industry we love with you.

There are many great products available now  and we have a new release coming very soon, so stay tuned! Rest Assured that even with this speed bump ExactRail has a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe that we can't wait to share with you!

I look forward to reading the exciting conspiracy theories that will be posted below and on the forums while eating the bag of salty, tear seasoned apples that I was forced to purchase.

Chris Brimley 

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August 02, 2018

Bummer, hoping you guys get back to doing what you love soon.

So what about the SP wood chip gondolas? Im assuming those are close to or have already cleared customs?


July 30, 2018

Is there any chance of another run of the “World’s Finest Wheel Sets” being made? I have been wanting to order some more of these for a while (in “semi scale”). Seeing how they would be produced here, it would not be affected by the supplier in China closing.

George Hoover
George Hoover

July 30, 2018

So when are you going to start having them made in the usa? That would cut out cost overruns shipping times and factory closings

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