EE-1306-3 - Johnstown America AutoFlood II Coal Hopper - MRDX - 99111, 99119, 99133, 99148

EE-1306-2 - Johnstown America AutoFlood II Coal Hopper - MRDX - 99069, 99085, 99099, 99100

EE-1306-1 - Johnstown America AutoFlood II Coal Hopper - MRDX - 99002, 99022, 99038, 99052

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For the first time ever in model form, ExactRail offers the Johnstown America Autoflood II aluminum coal car.

As 100-ton coal hoppers approached retirement in the 1970 and 1980's, railroads begged car builders to lighten cars so to improve fuel economy when cars returned empty to the mines. Johnston America answered this call by producing the aluminum AutoFlood II coal hopper.

Produced from the 1990's to the present, the AutoFlood II has appeared in over 20 utility paint schemes, including: BNSF, CSXT, and many repaints are already appearing. ExactRail offers this never before produced car with complete interior details, removable coal loads, wire grab irons and etched metal cross walks.

Precision engineered and always innovative, update your coal fleet with contemporary rolling stock from ExactRail.

HO Scale: Johnstown America AutoFlood II Hopper - MRDX (4-pack)

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