EP-80601-6 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37561

EP-80601-5 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37557

EP-80601-4 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37553

EP-80601-3 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37546

EP-80601-2 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37542

EP-80601-1 - P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car : ATSF : 37540

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ExactRail is pleased to introduce the second release of the Pullman-Standard 60' 7315 Waffle Box Car! As one of the most intensive tooling projects we've ever undertaken, we’re excited to introduce this car in 7 great new paint schemes as well as an undecorated kit.

In 1979 and with production lot #9749, Pullman-Standard's Bessemer, Alabama plant began the manufacture of the 7315 cubic capacity waffle box car for the Norfolk and Western Railway. With continued production, additional deliveries were made to the Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, Union Pacific and Detroit, Toledo and Ironton. As seen with our September 27th blog post, 'A Rare Prototype,' the P-S Waffle Box Car continues to serve Class I railroads to the present.

From the Leader in Precision Micro-Tooling™, the all-new Platinum® Series Pullman-Standard 60' 7315 Waffle box car features:

· Precision micro-tooled!
· Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
· Factory installed Kadee #58 couplers
· Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
· ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 ton trucks
· CNC- machined metal wheel sets
· Razor sharp painting and printing
· Drop-down brake rigging
· Separately applied door bars
· ExactRail's exclusive separately applied door tracks
· Fully detailed steel-nailable floor with free standing brake details
· Wire coupler cut lever bars and separately applied air hoses

Bring the diversity of the prototype to your layout, innovate with ExactRail's P-S 60' 7315 Waffle Box Car!


HO Scale: P-S 7315 Waffle Box Car - ATSF

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