About the Electrified Olympian '12-39 - As-Delivered' paint scheme:

On multiple deliveries from 1939 thru 1941, the Milwaukee Road painted a few select cars with the Route of the Electrified Olympian scheme. Out of the thousands applied with the Route of the Hiawatha, only about 150 had this scheme. This group of cars were part of a larger delivery of cars numbering 18000-18999.

Additional Information

Scale: HO Scale
Product Line: Platinum Series
RailRoad: MILW
Coupler Type: Kadee #58
Truck Type: ExactRail 50 ton Barber S-2 Friction Bearing Trucks
Wheels: CNC-Machined 33" wheels
Era: 1939 - 1960's
Region: Midwest
Minimum Radius: 22"

HO Scale: Milwaukee Road 3898 Ribside Boxcar - Electrified Olympian '12-39 - As-Delivered'

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EP-82003-2 18537 In Stock
EP-82003-3 18543 In Stock
EP-82003-4 18581 In Stock

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