MILW 40' Rib Side Boxcar

Milwaukee Road's rib side boxcar is a true signature classic! Built in the golden years when the railroad designed and engineered its own rolling stock, Milwaukee's rib side boxcar is easily one of the most prolific and recognizable signature cars of all time.

ExactRail is pleased to offer the full length rib version of Milwaukee Road's rib side boxcar!

Featuring the finest precision micro-tooling in the industry, ExactRail's Milwaukee Road's Rib Side boxcar is a platinum quality model. With wood grain that is hand etched for perfect weight and tone and rib profiles that are meticulously accurate, ExactRail has invested itself passionately to recreate the 40' rib side boxcar. Complete with panel type camel doors, 5-5 dreadnaught ends and precision detailed lumber door, ExactRail's Signature Series Milwaukee Rib Side Box Car is an exclusive replica to be appreciated by all enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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