HO Scale: GSC 42' Flat Car

In 1951, General Steel Castings (GSC) provided 42' flat car bodies to the Union Pacific. The Union Pacific assembled these cars in Denver, CO and designated them by the car class F-50-15. The GSC 42’ flat car was purchased to serve the railroad as a general service flat, which means that these cars moved all types of freight. Some were re-classified into more specialized service, including TOFC, wheel service, traction motors, and we have been told that some carried aircraft components.


The car body of GSC flat is cast, which means the entire car body is a single piece of solid steel. The result is that these cars are veritable battleships on rails, and many are in active MoW service today--63 years later!


ExactRail’s GSC flat cars have full underbody detail and laser etched wood decks. We have accurately captures the unique curves of the cast design, which makes these cars so elegant.


"...this may be the best 42' Flatcar model produced to date"
Model Railroad News, January 2015, pg. 46 
Our GSC Flat Cars Come with ready to install laser etched wood decks. Here's a video of our recommended installation technique on these:




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