HO Scale: GSC 53'6" Flat Cars

If you model through the 1980s, one of the most underrepresented models is the general service flat car.

The landscape of contemporary railroading is different today, but general service flat cars were once quite common. And of these, the General Steel Castings (GSC) 53’-6” flatcar is one of the most interesting. ExactRail has filled the gap by creating two of the finest flat car models ever. ExactRail is offering two entirely unique 53’-6 “flat cars!

We are proud to introduce the GSC 53’-6” Flat Car with 43’-3” Truck Centers and GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 42’-0 Truck Centers!

Although both flat cars were built by GSC, the difference between these cars is far greater than just the truck spacing. They are completely unique prototypes in every sense! And, we have captured the differences between these cars accurately.

The car body of GSC flat is cast, which means the entire car body is a single piece of solid steel. The result is that these cars are veritable battleships on rails, and many are in active MoW service today—over 60 years later!

ExactRail’s GSC flat cars have full underbody detail and user applied laser etched wood decks. We have accurately captured the unique curves and casting marks of the cast design, which makes these cars so elegant. Our GSC Flat Cars Come with ready to install laser etched wood decks.

Here's a video of our recommended installation technique on these:



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