HO Scale: Gunderson 6269 Boxcar

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The All New ExactRail Gunderson 6269 Boxcar


In 1994, Gunderson introduced a 6269 cubic capacity boxcar. These cars were constructed with the paper industry in mind, where large rolls of paper travel best in well conditioned, well sealed cars. In this year, Gunderson delivered 500 cars to the BN, BAR and HS. By 2000, the combined delivery to other roads totaled 2050 cars. Today, many of these cars have passed into second-hand ownership. 

ExactRail’s Gunderson 6269 boxcar features accurate fonts and colors. It is adorned with stand-off detail, including separate door tracks, door bars, etched stainless steel cross-over walks, and wire formed grab irons. Furthermore, the ExactRail’s model features meticulously crafted steel nailable flooring. The Gunderson 6269 boxcar will be available in 5 paint schemes. These are:

  • Burlington Northern (BN): The Burlington Northern was one of the original owners of the 6269. Of the 500 cars delivered in 1994, BN purchased 300. BN took delivery of these car in its modern ‘BN over-two-lines’ paint scheme--which ExactRail has expertly recreated.
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF): The original 1994 delivery of Gunderson 6269 boxcars remained in BN ownership through the 1996 merger. These cars were repainted in a spartan paint scheme indicative of modern railroads.
  • International Bridge and Terminal (IBT): International Bridge and Terminal purchased 200 cars from Gunderson in 1998. These cars were painted in IBT’s recognizable “Pine Tree” logo. This logo actually has two colors, white outline on a green background--and the color of the green background differs slightly from the green carbody.  
  • Illinois Central (IC): In 1996, Illinois Central purchased 200 Gunderson 6269 boxcars. These were delivered in a very industrial looking light gray paint scheme and IC’s “Death Star” logo.
  • Wisconsin Central (WC): Wisconsin Central took delivery of 50 cars in the 21500-21549 equipment series. (They received an additional 100 cars from Trenton Works in 1997.) These cars were painted in WC classy maroon paint scheme with shield moniker which has been expertly matched by ExactRail’s artists.

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