HO Scale: P-S 5277 Waffle Boxcar

The Pullman-Standard 5277 waffle boxcar is a true Signature classic! 

In 1974, the Southern Railway took delivery of 70 ton, 5277 cubic foot capacity boxcars from Pullman-Standard. Different from the majority of other cars of the IPD era, the Southern cars had a full set of "waffles"--stamped impressions into the car's side panels which were intended to accommodate lading equipment. Beginning with P-S lot 9725, Southern Railway would eventually roster nearly 5,000 of these boxcars. Found anywhere, the Southern P-S 50' 'Waffle' Boxcar is the epitome of a signature classic!

Featuring the finest precision micro-tooling and finish-work in the industry, ExactRail's Southern 5277 'Waffle' boxcar is a platinum quality model—complete with Kadee #58 couplers, coupler cut levers, numerous wire-formed and fine-scale details, accurate underbody details and ExactRail's exclusive equalized trucks.  ExactRail's Signature Series Southern 5277 “Waffle” Box Car is an exclusive replica to be appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The P-S 5277 Waffle Boxcar features: 

  • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels
  • ExactRail's exclusive Barber 70 ton S-2 trucks
  • Etched-metal crossover walks
  • Free-standing wire details
  • Hand-applied details
  • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
  • Meticulously reproduced underbody detail and steel nail able floor
  • Razor sharp painting and printing

These Paint Schemes are available to order from ExactRail.com!

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