N Scale: P-S 5277 'Waffle' Boxcar


The P-S 5277 Waffle Boxcars have returned in N Scale

In 1974, the Southern Railway took delivery of 70 ton, 5277 cubic foot capacity boxcars from Pullman-Standard. Different from the majority of other cars of the IPD era, the Southern cars had a full set of "waffles"--stamped impressions into the car's side panels which were intended to accommodate lading equipment. Beginning with P-S lot 9725, Southern Railway would eventually roster nearly 5,000 of these boxcars. Found anywhere, the Southern P-S 50' 'Waffle' Boxcar is the epitome of a signature classic!

ExactRail recreates the P-S 50' 'Waffle' Boxcar with our team who designs, engineers and tools in the United States! Available only in accurate paint schemes with exceptionally accurate lettering and logotypes, ExactRail's N-scale P-S 50' 'Waffle' is a highly authentic replica with a host of exclusive features. As with all new models, the P-S 50' 'Waffle' Boxcar is available only from www.exactrail.com.

Product Features:

  • Precision micro-tooled! 
  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States! 
  • Factory installed Micro-Trains #1015 couplers 
  • Narrow-style, body mounted draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail. 
  • ExactRail's exclusive ASF 70 ton 'Ride Control' trucks 
  • CNC-machined metal wheel sets with all metal axles! 
  • Exceptionally accurate lettering styles, logotypes and razor sharp printing 
  • True to life colors!


These Paint Schemes are available today from ExactRail.com!

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