EE-1752-3 - 48' Depressed Center Flat Car : QTTX : 130972

EE-1752-2 - 48' Depressed Center Flat Car : QTTX : 130971

EE-1752-1 - 48' Depressed Center Flat Car : QTTX : 130970

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General Steel Industries (GSI) offered one-piece cast-steel underframes in which the sill, body bolsters, cross bearers, draft pockets, couplers and carriers were combined into a single steel casting. These underframes were popular for Depressed Center Flats because the design maximized load strength while minimizing vertical height of fabricated underframes.

Generally designed with a specialty commodity in mind, Depressed Center Flat Cars are unique. In addition to the GSI cast steel designs, Depressed Center Flats were frequently fabricated by a railroad's home shop and familiar builders­ — such as Thrall, and were also built by a host of specialty builders, such as Maxson, Norca and Kasgro.

Given the rarity of all designs, ExactRail combined elements common to key prototypes to offer a Depressed Center Flat with both interesting and characteristic features. Perhaps closest in design to the Conrail (ex-Erie Lackawanna) FE42A Class Depressed Flat, ExactRail's Depressed Center Flat is a good stand-in for similar TTX/QTTX, Southern and CNW cars. With perforated GSI-style decks and intricately lettered car sides, ExactRail's 48' Depressed Center Flat will turn heads just like the prototypes.

- Precision micro-tooled!
- Designed, engineered and tooled in the   United States!
- Factory installed Kadee® No. 5® couplers
- Narrow-style draft box featuring shank wedges,
  striker casting and full nut and bolt detail
- ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 Ton Ride Control Trucks
- CNC-machined metal wheel sets
- Razor sharp painting and printing
- Wire grab irons and GSI-style perforated deck

HO Scale: 48' Depressed Center Flat Car - TTX

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