EP-80410-3 - Berwick 7327 Box Car : CSXT : 160238

EP-80410-2 - Berwick 7327 Box Car : CSXT : 160227

EP-80410-1 - Berwick 7327 Box Car : CSXT : 160202

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Following World War II, the market of American-made automobiles surged inexorably. It gave a new facet to
a concept now deemed as "classic" Americana: Ford Mustangs, drive-in movies and fast food. In ways less evident to
the road-rallying public, railroads participated in this surge. They were the transportation networks between plants that
produced automobile parts to the respective assembly facilities.

In the 1970s, the automobile industry was in decline, and railcar builder’s offered a new generation of Plate F, auto-parts boxcars.
These cars had large capacities for lighter density loads, and because these cars frequently operated in pool service, the paint
schemes of contributing railroads were seen in locations where they may have otherwise been unfamiliar.

Not unlike the classic cars of the automobile boom, these high priority auto parts trains seem to be a foregone memento of another era.
Recreate that era with ExactRail’s all-new Berwick 7327 Box Car! Available in six paint schemes and an undecorated kit, this beautiful replica is available only directly from ExactRail!

• Precision micro-tooled!
• Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
• Factory installed Kadee #58 coupler
• Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
• ExactRail's exclusive 100 ton or 70 ASF 'Ride Control' trucks per the prototype
• CNC-machined metal wheel sets with all new metal axles!
• Wire grab irons
• Razor sharp painting and printing
• Wire coupler cut levers and separately applied air hoses
• Etched metal Morton style brake platform
• Available in six paint schemes of six road numbers each and undecorated kit!


HO Scale: Berwick 7327 Box Car - CSXT

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