Throughout most of the U.S., wheelmove irrigations systems are common. Developed in the early 50s, wheelmoves have become one of most popular systems of irrigation for small block perennial forages--such as hay, alfalfa and pasture. Wheelmoves are efficient machines in which the lateral pipe between the wheels is both the channel for water flow and the axle for movement. A power mover is located at a midpoint in the wheel line, and it provides the motive force to roll the irrigation line forward.

Please note: the couplers are intended to locate adjoining pipes. So to be of accurate proportions, these pieces are fragile. Forcing one pipe into the coupler ring may damage the model. For assembly, please use a small drop of CA glue, and then touch the pipe end to the coupler.

Dimensions: Section length: 5.52" (contains 3 sections total) Total legnth: 16.56" Wheel diameter: 0.90"

HO Scale: Brass Irrigation Wheel Line

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