Southern Illinois Railcar (SIRX) ex-ARR patch scheme:

Southern Illinois Railcar acquired a group of PC&F 6033 boxcars from the Alaska Railway. These cars feature a slightly faded color of Alaska blue with re-stenciled SIRX reporting marks.  Many SIRX cars are still in service today, some near the ExactRail facilities in Utah working out of the Morton Salt plant near the Great Salt Lake.

    The PC&F 6033 boxcar features:

    • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
    • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels
    • ExactRail's exclusive Barber 70 ton S-2 trucks
    • Etched-metal crossover walks
    • Free-standing wire details
    • Hand-applied details
    • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
    • Meticulously reproduced underbody detail and steel nail able floor
    • Razor sharp painting and printing

    HO Scale: PC&F 6033 Boxcar - Southern Illinois Railcar

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