About the TLDX - Peavey '1964 As-Delivered' Paint Scheme:

The TLDX leased cars in Peavey Company paint was one of the most requested schemes for us to produce on our PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper. This striking blue and white scheme features two placards on each side of the car. Peavey took delivery of multiple productions of 4427's from Pullman. These six numbers came from P-S Lot 8885 and were delivered in March 1964. There were 25 cars and they numbered from 2659 to 2683.

Additional Information

Scale: HO Scale
Product Line: Platinum Series
RailRoad: TLDX
Coupler Type: Kadee #58
Truck Type: ExactRail 100-Ton ASF 'Ride Control' Trucks
Wheels: CNC-Machined 36" wheels
Era: 1964 - 1980's
Region: Midwest
Minimum Radius: 22"

HO Scale: PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper - TLDX - Peavey '1964 As-Delivered'

SKU Road Number Qty
EP-80207-1 2660 Sold Out
EP-80207-2 2666 Sold Out
EP-80207-3 2671 Sold Out
EP-80207-4 2674 Sold Out
EP-80207-5 2678 Sold Out
EP-80207-6 2683 Sold Out

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