HO Scale: Thrall 3564 Gondola - Norfolk Southern

TrainLife Exclusive ExactRail HO Scale: Thrall 3564 Gondola

Norfolk Southern • 2015 'As-Delivered' 

About the Paint Scheme:

Norfolk Southern has a massive fleet of gondolas. Recently they have been adding many new gondolas that are both 52' as well as 66' in length. These new attractive and spartan gons have been getting delivered with the new 'Horse Head" logo.


After the overwhelming response of our past TrainLife.com Exclusive release, we have returned with 5 paint schemes that are often requested, but not completely correct on the mighty Thrall 3564 Gondola.              
The modern 66 foot long mill gondola has a commanding presence on today's railroads. The Thrall built 3564 cubic foot capacity has been a common sight from the mid 1990s to today and can be seen in most corners of the USA, Canada & Mexico. These large gondolas are used in a wide variety of uses, they are often seen with loads of pipe, rebar, sheet metal, scrap metal and so much more. Introduce this staple of heavy industry to your layout today.    


  • Precision micro-tooled
  • Extraordinarily accurate artwork
  • Razor sharp printing
  • ExactRail's exclusive 
  • 100-Ton ASF 'Ride Control'
  • Kadee #58 couplers
  • CNC-machined 36" metal wheel sets


Region: East/Midwest
Era: 2015 to Today
Product Type: Gondola
Minimum Radius: 22"

About TrainLife Exclusive Freight cars:

ExactRail's dedication to accuracy means that they don't very often use 'stand in' tooling for projects that are close to a certain freight car (some people call these 'foobies'). We know that there are many holes in the modeling world and many people that are happy to have a stand in model so long as it represents something close to the real thing. We've worked closely with ExactRail to create close 'stand in' models to fill these holes.

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