Conrail '1993 As Delivered'

These CoilShields are from a batch that were delivered in late 1993 and were assigned as car class G52U. At first glance, these are a similar to our original run of the class G52S cars however there are many differences. The lettering is of a different style, a lack of a Thrall builders logo and a much heavier stroke weight on the Q on the following CONRAIL QUALITY.


  • Factory installed Kadee #156 couplers
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail
  • ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 ton 'Ride Control' trucks
  • CNC-machined metal wheel sets with metal axles!
  • Wire grab irons, brake rods, and coupler cut levers!
  • Accurate painting and printing!
  • Separately applied air hoses

The Basics:

  • PRODUCT TYPE: Coil Car
  • COUPLER TYPE: Kadee #156
  • TRUCK TYPE:   ASF 100 ton 'Ride Control'
  • WHEELS: 36"
  • ERA: 2004 to Present
  • REGION: Eastern

HO Scale: Thrall 54' Coil Car - Conrail '1993 As Delivered'

SKU Road Number Qty
EP-81602-1 631286 Sold Out
EP-81602-2 631297 Sold Out
EP-81602-3 631301 Sold Out
EP-81602-4 631315 Sold Out
EP-81602-5 631328 Sold Out
EP-81602-6 631339 Sold Out
EP-81602-7 631342 Sold Out
EP-81602-8 631363 Sold Out
EP-81602-9 631374 Sold Out
EP-81602-10 631397 Sold Out
EP-81602-11 631410 Sold Out
EP-81602-12 631435 Sold Out

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