HO Scale: Trinity 6275 Boxcar - TTX/FBOX '2004 As-Delivered'

TrainLife Exclusive ExactRail HO Scale: Trinity 6275 Boxcar

TTX/FBOX '2004 As-Delivered'  

About the Paint Scheme:

FBOX series 504000-504399 were built by Johnstown America from July 2004 to January 2005. TTX classified these cars as XJH52. At first glance, this paint scheme feels similar to what has been applied to the Trinity built cars, but everything is different. Most obvious is the TTX logo is smaller and justified to the end of the car. Railcar Pooling Experts is also much smaller and tucked away under TTX. All other lettering are different lettering styles. Mix these in with your existing FBOX fleet to add variety.


The Trinity 6275 Boxcar has been one of ExactRail's most popular freight cars. This boxcar has a very limited paint schemes list, but there are many 'very-close' freight cars with more varied paint schemes that we are excited to have worked with ExactRail to manufacture. These 'very-close' or brothers from other mothers freight cars are built by companies such as Johnstown America, Gunderson & National Steel Car. Some were built by Trinity but have a slightly different sized door than the 12 footer we have, or have exterior post placement variations.


  • Precision micro-tooled
  • Extraordinarily accurate artwork
  • Razor sharp printing
  • ExactRail's exclusive 100-Ton ASF 'Ride Control' Trucks
  • Kadee #58 couplers
  • CNC-machined 36" metal wheel sets


Region: North America
Era: 2004 - Today
Product Type: Boxcar
Minimum Radius: 22"


SKU Road Number Qty
EE-1410-1 504009 Sold Out
EE-1410-2 504038 Sold Out
EE-1410-3 504077 Sold Out
EE-1410-4 504111 Sold Out
EE-1410-5 504146 Sold Out
EE-1410-6 504194 Sold Out
EE-1410-7 504210 Sold Out
EE-1410-8 504223 Sold Out
EE-1410-9 504265 Sold Out
EE-1410-10 504349 Sold Out
EE-1410-11 504352 Sold Out
EE-1410-12 504371 Sold Out

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