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Scale: HO Scale
Product Line: Evolution Series
Product Type: Johnstown America AutoFlood II Coal Hopper
RailRoad: BNSF
Coupler Type: Kadee #58
Truck Type: ExactRail ASF 100 Ton Ride Control Trucks
Wheels: CNC-Machined 36" wheels

HO Scale: Johnstown America AutoFlood II Hopper - BNSF - Brown

SKU Road Number Qty
EE-1301-43 650240 Sold Out
EE-1301-44 650245 Sold Out
EE-1301-45 650256 Sold Out
EE-1301-46 650258 Sold Out
EE-1301-47 650260 Sold Out
EE-1301-48 650269 Sold Out
EE-1301-49 650271 Sold Out
EE-1301-50 650277 Sold Out
EE-1301-51 650283 Sold Out
EE-1301-52 650292 Sold Out
EE-1301-53 650296 Sold Out
EE-1301-54 650305 5 In Stock
EE-1301-55 650307 In Stock
EE-1301-56 650312 In Stock
EE-1301-57 650319 9 In Stock
EE-1301-58 650324 In Stock
EE-1301-59 650327 In Stock
EE-1301-60 650330 In Stock
EE-1301-61 650336 In Stock
EE-1301-62 650343 In Stock
EE-1301-63 650353 In Stock
EE-1301-64 650362 In Stock
EE-1301-65 650374 In Stock
EE-1301-66 650378 Sold Out
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