EE-1105-6 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 194262

EE-1105-5 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 194148

EE-1105-4 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 194020

EE-1105-3 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 193991

EE-1105-2 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 193967

EE-1105-1 - Thrall 2743 Gondola : NS : 193934

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In 1995, Thrall Car Manufacturing Company introduced the 2743 cubic capacity gondola. 

New standards for Gross Rail Loading (GRL) allowed car manufacturers to increase the
internal loading dimesions of their designs. With a new interior height of 5'6", Thrall's design
is the contemporary standard for 52'-6" length gondolas.

ExactRail recreates the Thrall 2743 Gondola with our team who designs, engineers and tools in
the United States. With exceptionally accurate lettering styles and logotypes, ExactRail's Thrall
2743 Gondola offers a host of exclusive features which are uniquely ExactRail.

ExactRail will be taking advance purchases for this great car starting April 17th. All advanced
purchases will ship early May. Like all ExactRail products these will sell out quickly, order yours today!

• Precision micro-tooled!
• Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
• Factory installed Kadee No. 5 coupler
• Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
• ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 ton 'Ride Control' trucks
• CNC-machined metal wheel sets with all new metal axles!
• Wire grab irons
• Razor sharp painting and printing
• Etched metal Morton-style brake platform

HO Scale: Thrall 2743 Gondola - NS

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