TTX/FBOX 2004 “As Delivered”: This paint scheme represents the FBOX car as the lot was delivered from Trinity Industries in 2004.  This model accurately captures the smallest details—including extraordinarily well-rendered warning labels on the doors!  Check these out!

HO Scale: Trinity 6275 Plug Door Boxcar - FBOX 2004 'As Delivered'

SKU Road Number Qty
EE-1401-38 505215 Sold Out
EE-1401-39 505224 Sold Out
EE-1401-40 505239 Sold Out
EE-1401-41 505245 Sold Out
EE-1401-42 505306 Sold Out
EE-1401-43 505318 Sold Out
EE-1401-44 505331 Sold Out
EE-1401-45 505347 Sold Out
EE-1401-46 505362 Sold Out
EE-1401-47 505387 Sold Out
EE-1401-48 505390 Sold Out
EE-1401-1 505248 Sold Out
EE-1401-2 505269 Sold Out
EE-1401-3 505291 Sold Out
EE-1401-4 505325 Sold Out
EE-1401-5 505355 Sold Out
EE-1401-6 505376 Sold Out
EE-1401-7 505249 Sold Out
EE-1401-8 505251 Sold Out
EE-1401-9 505252 Sold Out
EE-1401-10 505256 Sold Out
EE-1401-11 505259 Sold Out
EE-1401-12 505260 Sold Out
EE-1401-13 505263 Sold Out
EE-1401-14 505265 Sold Out
EE-1401-15 505264 Sold Out
EE-1401-16 505267 Sold Out
EE-1401-17 505278 Sold Out
EE-1401-18 505283 Sold Out
EE-1401-19 504418 Sold Out
EE-1401-20 504427 Sold Out
EE-1401-21 504435 Sold Out
EE-1401-22 504443 Sold Out
EE-1401-23 504456 Sold Out
EE-1401-24 504462 Sold Out
EE-1401-25 504471 Sold Out
EE-1401-26 504480 Sold Out
EE-1401-27 504494 Sold Out
EE-1401-28 504509 Sold Out
EE-1401-29 504513 Sold Out
EE-1401-30 504526 Sold Out
EE-1401-31 504532 Sold Out
EE-1401-32 504545 Sold Out
EE-1401-33 504550 Sold Out
EE-1401-34 504564 Sold Out
EE-1401-35 504579 Sold Out
EE-1401-36 504587 Sold Out
EE-1401-37 505203 Sold Out

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