EPS-90054-6 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 381798

EPS-90054-5 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 381587

EPS-90054-4 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 381452

EPS-90054-3 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 381331

EPS-90054-2 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 381214

EPS-90054-1 - B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car : B&O : 380956

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The Baltimore and Ohio M-53 Wagontop Boxcar is a true signature classic! In an era when the major

design elements of the 40' boxcar seem to have been well standardized, the Baltimore and Ohio
employed an innovative design in which the roof and sides were constructed from single panels of
cooper-bearing steel. The quality of this steel and the seamless roof design protected lading from roof
leaks and made these cars battleships on the rails. Some of these cars remained on the rails up to the
early eighties.

ExactRail's M-53 Wagontop Boxcar has been designed, engineered and tooled in the U.S. Our
unique approach to precision micro-tooling distinguishes the M-53 in the numerous fine scale details.
Additionally, ExactRail's M-53 Wagontop Boxcar is offered with extraordinarily accurate paint and
lettering schemes. In the development of this project, we enlisted the insight of the foremost experts
and historians on Baltimore and Ohio's equipment. Their input represents years of meticulous
research, the results of which are yours to enjoy!

HO Scale: B&O M-53 Wagontop Box Car - Early Kuhler

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