EP-81555-1 - Bethlehem 4000 Hopper : CNW Green, Ball and Bar : 135779

The Bethlehem 4000 Hopper is one of the key cars to comprise the cool, mixed-paint-scheme, western coal trains of the contemporary era! 

The Bethlehem 4000 Hopper is the result of a rebuilding program in which Bethlehem 3737 and 3716 hoppers were reconfigured with 8” top chord extensions. Approximately 275 cubic feet of loading capacity were added to the prototype. Chicago and North Western Bethlehem 3737 hoppers were made to have 4011 cubic capacity, and Missouri Pacific Bethlehem 3737 and 3716 Hoppers were made to have 4000 cubic capacity. By way of this program, the physical dimensions of the car are a closer match to the physical dimensions of the taller, Pullman-Standard, Greenville and Bethlehem-Albina built cars. Physical similarities between these cars are optimal for flood loading operations.

In addition to the raised top-chord, the grab iron locations on the sides and ends of the car were moved, and the side sheets still bear the mounting holes of the previous locations. Small as it is, this detail is accurately captured on our model!

ExactRail's Bethlehem 4000 is complete with exclusive features, including:

• 5 paint schemes!
• 3 road number specific paint schemes!
• Meticulous attention to letter accuracy and placement.
• ExactRail’s equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
• Machined metal wheel sets and axles
• Kadee ® #58 “scale” couplers
• Narrow-style draft box, featuring: key detail, shank wedges, striker castings and full nut and bolt detail
• Accurate Bethlehem 4000 details, including:
- Single door Wine locks
- 4’ 10.5” vertical brake lever
- Welded top chord gussets
- Sub center sill brake rod
- Etched metal slack adjustor guard
- Interior braces
- Interior wheel well panels
- Floor mounted air reservoir
• Wire coupler cut levers, grab irons, brake rods and lever hangers!
• Complete with flood style loads!


HO Scale: Bethlehem 4000 Hopper - CNW - Green, Ball and Bar

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