EE-1703-6 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20211

EE-1703-5 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20200

EE-1703-4 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20187

EE-1703-3 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20165

EE-1703-2 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20119

EE-1703-1 - Evans 4780 Covered Hopper : FMC : 20113

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Distinguished by its unique Youngstown corrugated roof, the Evans 4780 covered hopper is a common prototype with uncommon features. Beginning with the first production order in December of 1976, Evans produced over 4,000 hoppers during the five year production period. Particularly popular among Nebraska cooperatives and lessees, the Evans 4780 has plied the rails everywhere in North America!

ExactRail is proud to announce our 21st all-new freight car--the Evans 4780 Covered Hopper!

Offering the finest precision micro-tooling in the industry, ExactRail's Evans 4780 is long awaited by those who appreciate freight cars. With all new tooling that is completely ready to run, the Evans 4780 features wire-formed grabs, numerous separately applied details, and the correct Morton style roof walk replicated from photo-etched stainless steel. ExactRail also correctly matches the colorful builder's logos as per the prototypes!

With a passion to bring the diversity of the prototype to your layout, ExactRail offers the most innovative new-releases ever known to the industry!

Additional Information

Scale: HO Scale
Product Line: Evolution Series
RailRoad: B&M
Coupler Type: Kadee #58
Truck Type: ExactRail ASF 100 Ton Ride Control Trucks
Wheels: CNC-Machined 36" wheels

HO Scale: Evans 4780 Covered Hopper - FMC

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