Beginning in the 1970s, the output of Western coal production became significant. With this increase in output, the demand for rotary coal-type gondolas increased as well.

Nearly all of the car manufacturers of the time, such as FMC, Pullman-Standard, Evans, Ortner and Greenville, introduced competitive rotary coal gondolas in a market already
dominated by Thrall. Billed as "A rugged, high-mileage coal car for unit-train operation with rotary dumping service," FMC's 4000 Coal Gondola was successful among utility companies of the mid-west. The Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Central Power & Light Company, and Southwestern Electric Power Company were clients of FMC, and since that time, these cars have passed into the second-ownership of companies like RTI Railway Services. Today, the FMC Gondola, and the similar gondolas of other manufacturers, are used in scrap and tie replacement services everywhere.

ExactRail is pleased to offer the all-new FMC 4000 High Side Gondola! Available in 6 paint schemes and undecorated kits, the FMC 4000 High Side Gondola is now available

•Precision micro-tooled!
•Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
•Factory installed Kadee No.5 coupler
•Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
•ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 ton 'Ride Control' trucks
•CNC-machined metal wheel sets with all new metal axles!
•Razor sharp painting and printing

This Product sold out on the original here is a list of previously released SKUs & Road Numbers:

EX-1406-18 - 138145

EX-1406-17 - 138132

EX-1406-16 - 138121

EX-1406-15 - 138118

EX-1406-14 - 138113

EX-1406-13 - 138107

EX-1406-12 - 138098

EX-1406-11 - 138092

EX-1406-10 - 138087

EX-1406-9 - 138071

EX-1406-8 -138065

EX-1406-7 - 138053

EX-1406-6 - 138049

EX-1406-5 - 138032

EX-1406-4 - 138030

EX-1406-3 - 138029

EX-1406-2 - 138016

EX-1406-1 - 138004

HO Scale: FMC 4000 Gondola - Chicago North Western

SKU Road Number Qty
EX-1406 Default Title Sold Out

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