About the Western Pacific 1973 'As Delivered' Scheme:

The Western Pacific contributed 6 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool, and ExactRail is proud to offer this model with accurate artwork and colors, including our attention to accurately rendering the unique style of car numbers that WP used on this paint scheme.


 EP-80302-1 - 3763 EP-80302-3 - 3767
EP-80302-2 - 3765


HO Scale: Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcar - WP

SKU Road Number Qty
EP-80302-4 3761 Sold Out
EP-80302-5 3762 Sold Out
EP-80302-6 3763 Sold Out
EP-80302-7 3764 Sold Out
EP-80302-8 3765 Sold Out
EP-80302-9 3766 Sold Out
EP-80302-10 3767 Sold Out

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