EP-80102-1 - Gunderson 7466 cu. ft. Wood Chip Gondola : GPSX : 4365

EP-80102-2 - Gunderson 7466 cu. ft. Wood Chip Gondola : GPSX : 4435

EP-80102-3 - Gunderson 7466 cu. ft. Wood Chip Gondola : GPSX : 4463

At ExactRail, we don’t just talk about precision, accuracy, and detail …we execute it with relentless passion. We’re proud to share this tradition of excellence in our all-new Gunderson composite sided wood chip car.

Precision framed in its plate “F” stature is actual “I” beam construction overlaying fully wood grained panels inside and out. Built in 1965 for service on the Southern Pacific, these sharply designed cars could be seen throughout the SP system and throughout North America under secondary ownership in later years including up to present day.

Fully decked-out with etched brake platform, wire grab irons, wire coupler cut levers, air hoses and finely crafted brake gear including wire brake rods, this masterpiece of scale model replication smoothly rides on ExactRail’s prototypically correct ASF 100-Ton Ride Control trucks equipped with precision CNC-machined 36” wheels.

HO Scale: Gunderson 7466 Wood Chip Gondola - GPSX

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