About the Norfolk & Western (N&W) 1974 “As Delivered” paint scheme:

Available in the company’s 1971 paint scheme.  The N&W P-S 7315 “waffle” boxcar features exceptionally accurate artwork that has been refined over our first release.  The extended draft gear is painted in yellow, which is both prototypically accurate and absolutely stunning against the black and white, Norfolk & Western paint scheme.

Bring the diversity of the prototype to your layout, innovate with ExactRail's P-S 60' 7315 Waffle Boxcar!

HO Scale: P-S 7315 Waffle Boxcar - NW

SKU Road Number Qty
EP-80610-7 604166 Sold Out
EP-80610-8 604172 Sold Out
EP-80610-9 604185 Sold Out
EP-80610-10 604190 Sold Out
EP-80610-11 604209 Sold Out
EP-80610-12 604214 Sold Out
EP-80610-1 604108 Sold Out
EP-80610-2 604121 Sold Out
EP-80610-3 604132 Sold Out
EP-80610-4 604136 Sold Out
EP-80610-5 604147 Sold Out
EP-80610-6 604153 Sold Out

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