EE-1009-6 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47086

EE-1009-5 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47085

EE-1009-4 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47084

EE-1009-3 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47083

EE-1009-2 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47082

EE-1009-1 - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car : ATSF : 47081

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One of our most sought after car's to date, ExactRail is pleased to be delivering the second run of the Southern Pacific PC&F 6033 Box Car in the "As Delivered" paint scheme!

Pacific Car & Foundry's 6033 cubic capacity box car one of America's most sleek and classy hy-cube box cars. Southern Pacific took delivery of two hundred of these cars and employed them in various service assignments throughout the country. Now operating for privates, many of these cars are still in service today--some of which continue in patched SP paint.

In 1967, the Santa Fe Railway rebuilt 10 BX-82 class boxcars for appliance loading. With a peaked, overhanging, diagonal panel roof and similar overall dimensions, the PC&F 6033 is an uncanny stand-in for a unique ATSF car that otherwise would never be produced in model form!

Masterfully recreated, ExactRail's PC&F 6033 is complete with classic, double-sheathed construction, 3/3/3/1 dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel, overhanging roof, and single 10’-6” YSD sliding doors. Only offered by ExactRail, this model is sure to please event the most discerning enthusiast. ExactRail's SP box car is accurately matched with the prototypically correct 70 ton Barber S-2 trucks and finished with complete Hydra-Cushion underbody detailing.

HO Scale: X - PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Box Car - ATSF

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