EP-80508-6 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782443

EP-80508-5 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782439

EP-80508-4 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782430

EP-80508-3 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782427

EP-80508-2 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782416

EP-80508-1 - PC&F Beer Car : BNSF : 782404

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Beginning in 1977, Pacific Car and Foundry (PC&F) released a heavily insulated box car with internal, air-bag loading devices and 20" travel,
sliding-sill underframe. These cars affectionately became known as "Beer Cars" for the refreshing cargo that they frequently carried.

HO Scale: PC&F Beer Car - BNSF

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